Control Your Thoughts to Be a Loving Person

It is easy to love a happy and relaxed person…

Geno Tech
1 min readJun 2, 2023
Photo by Johan Nilsson on Unsplash

None of us live as loving people all the time. With the problems that come in life, with the bumps, when the stress increases, there are many times when we lose control of our thoughts.

Sometimes we get angry unnecessarily and either become unnecessarily silent. Sometimes, people will be beaten with evil words they would not even dream of saying. We have moments like that when the evil person inside us jumps out because none of us are perfect.

We lose some people around us at such times. They are leaving us because many people don’t want to waste time on evil and broken people.

But some people choose to be with us even when we are unloved. No matter our mood, sad, angry or happy, they try to love us equally. At the same time, they try to cool us down.

It is easy to love a happy and relaxed person, but it is not easy to love an angry or frustrated person..!

So, Always try to protect the people in your life who shared your worst and worst moments, supported you everywhere and helped you become a loving person again..!!



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