Evolution of Philisophy of Science

How Scientific Methods dominated the Philosophy of Science…

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2 min readJul 9, 2023
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The different scientific methods lead to drive the progress of science to the truth. Here I discussed how 4 main methods dominated the progress of science in the philosophy of science.

Induction is a basic way of drawing conclusions through specific observations under certain conditions. But those are generalized conclusions that we can apply in tested conditions and specific environments. This is an empirical-based approach. We get a sample of the solution, so we can’t fully agree. But this has helped to evolve scientific methods and every scientist utilizes this method, however.

Popper introduced a new way of evolution of science that happens rather than the traditional way of proving through the empirical approach (Induction). That framework is also known as falsification. Popper emphasized that no amount of empirical evidence can definitively establish the truth of a scientific theory. Instead, scientists generate theory by proposing bold conjectures to problems. What happens here is that someone identifies loops in existing research and proposes new ideas. He emphasized that the progress of science is based on continuous testing and refutation of theories and that shaped the scientific theory in the way of development of science.

Thomas Khun has popularized the notion of paradigm. Paradigms enable scientists to present their assumptions and new things based on previous views of the paradigm will lead to great progress in science.

Paul Feyerabend introduced Against method as a new scientific method. He argued that there is no universal method to science. Science is only one way of knowledge. The privilege of only a single scientific view is dangerous and dogmatic. Religion, Art, and anything can be science. In brief, anyone can say anything. Individuals should be free to pursue knowledge through any method.



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