Reduce the Stress When Working From Home and Work With Maximum Efficiency

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How you deal with stress when working from home?

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In this global pandemic situation, People are more focusing on working from home using the internet and devices. Here I discuss one side of the psychological impact of the pandemic on our mental health. However, For many, this was an opportunity to spend more time with their family and get a little freedom in life. Here I needed to share my thoughts on stress, which building with the “working from home” environment and how to avoid it. So I will share my experience which I have in one and half year as a Software Engineer.

Most people are usually addicted to going to their workplaces and working while gathering with others. This is the usual way how they are enjoying their lives by changing the environments. But working from this home has often made them work in front of a computer or a smartphone staring at a digital screen most of the day. This is where the problem has arisen. People have to face their new unknown and the limited environment.

I also had to do works in the same room every day, looking at a digital screen instead of a social environment. As per my knowledge, that could be a reason for stress or depression. One thing is when you have to work long hours in a place surrounded by a room, you get stuck in the mind. Those who have done their job by making jokes with their workmates, and sometimes asking someone else something they don’t know, using the most resources in the office, are stuck in a room in their home and working with minimal resources. Staring at a digital screen for a long time may cause headaches, vision problems also. As well, Lot of interruptions at the home such as because of your family members can cause you to miss your works. Therefore a lot of reasons may result to gain your stress.

What is this mental stress?

Stress is the feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure.

You can simply say that the discomfort you have mentally. It's because of a biological process due to chemical change of body. That chemical change happens due to a change in the environment. But the stress can cause positively as well. when I am facing an exam, stress impact me positively. But, if you can’t find the right time answers to a problem in your personal life or work life, the stress that comes will negatively affect you. This can be serious as far as depression. In that case, the biological process causes harm to your brain. As a result of this, the adrenaline hormone is increasing. There have so many symptoms to identify the stress. I am not going to go deeper with theoretical details.

How to reduce this stress and work with maximum efficiency?

I want to share my own experience to avoid this uncomfortable situation of yours. You need to know how you manage this and how your working from home life more enjoyable.

Poor relationships mainly cause this stress. You need to build up some strong relationships and share happiness with them. But keep in mind to be aware of the toxic people and avoid them.

Exercises are really important. Because It helps to maintain our body as well. so please reserve 1 hour for exercises daily. You can track your daily progression of exercises by using a mobile application. Moreover, you can do yoga or meditations. They also give you immediate results. These are the things you have to share with others.

Plan the day very well and do whatever you do with enjoying. You can make a To-Do list for the day. Don’t give a chance to the time to handle you. Keep focusing on the job which is doing now. It will help to finish your daily works before the end of the day.

Listen to music or read a book which you are favourite is real cause to the happiness. Or watch a movie with your family members and enjoy it together to overcome this situation.

Always be Happy Life!!!!

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