Secrets to Success in Medium Earnings: A Software Engineer’s Point of View

Make sure are you considering these factors?

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In this story, I have explained a few facts to follow in Medium. Among all the platforms to earn by writing, Medium is the best and most emerging platform. As Software Engineer, have to follow SEO techniques which we can use to rank of our products among other similar products. Here we are getting these steps to change our product mainly, but not to change anything other. Because our product is in our own control, not other’s products. Here products mean web sites, mobile apps etc. In Medium, we have stories as our products. Other writers also have written as same as you. Problem is how you are market and getting succeed your article among readers. This story will help you to know about five tips you were not considered before.

Distributed Articles

This is one of the main points I have experienced. If your article was curated means It will propagate through the Medium platform in ways such as emails, notifications etc., you can see views of those articles goes high daily. But other articles do not achieve like them. They are open to external viewers only. But It is not a sign of the end of an article. Those non-distributed articles would become daily profitable in future, however. Therefore you need to improve your article quality to meet the distribution standards. It is very important to the progress of money-making.

Topic & Tags

There have categories which are most popular among medium readers. As well as those categories have a maximum number of writers also. I suggest you before you go to compete with those tags, you can find out some topics which are most popular but not more writers engaged with. Then you can easily grab a place with a top writer badge of that particular topic. For example, If you are writing about the topic, Artificial Intelligence frequently, you can be a top writer in AI easily. You can’t find these appropriate topics and tags at the beginning. However, You should do some of the experiments to find them. So you can succeed it with the time.

You can add five tags maximum when you are publishing the article. Those tags must relevant to your article. You can't decide whatever you want. Otherwise, It will not eligible for distribution. When you are choosing the tags, There you can see how many followers are following the tag. At that time you can choose the best five tags which have a high number of followers.

Be simple & To the point

When readers open your story, Your readers are in their leisure time mostly, maybe they are in a difficult situation such as solving a problem. This time they do not wish to waste definitely. So you need to address them in very short and completed form. That feels more comfortable for them, then they will feel to respond also. So you can get an extra advantage in considering these two factors. If you are trying to address a common problem, please give the completed path with well-defined steps. Also, keep that in mind to reduce the unnecessary details. Then, The viewer will satisfy with your story and keep following you.

Make your article reach the exact external audience

How you reach the exact audience by promoting in the right way? Publish your article with a popular publisher will reach to a huge audience in a short time. And I mentioned the Tags and Distribution of a story also will help to achieve this. Nowadays we have so many ways to promote social media platforms. But you need to find the correct audience. Otherwise, you will fail even in that society. Find the groups which you can post your story to reach a specific type of audience. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter are consisting of those relevant groups together with a huge audience. You have a high potential to succeed in that way.

Write, Write, Write

This is not a perfect idea, but you can decide how many articles write per month. But make sure to maintain the quality factors as well. If you want to write continuously, you want to learn continuously. Think about this is an advantage. Do not think about success always in medium, because success is not a straight line always there have up and downs. The same case applies to Medium also. Therefore you need to write as much as possible.


This story gives a few tips for getting success as a medium writer. Hope you have got something valuable. Please feel free to ask any question you will face in the response section below.
Happy Coding !!!!
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