Sharing about 5+ years of my experience…

How to be a good Software Engineer?, How to increase productivity with time? What are the disciplines we should have to follow?. These are some questions that a developer has arisen. I have provided some solutions to these problems here.

I’ve seen and working with a lot of developers throughout my career. Some are very talented, some are average and some of them need a lot of development. but among all the good and excellent software developers, I have seen these few common characteristics.

Consistent in Everything

So this is my first point. This basically means…

Flutter Knowledge Sharing #42

Flutter is running on every platform. Now it supports five different platforms; Android, IOS, Web, Windows, macOS, Linux. Therefore, A lot of developers are starting their software development journey with flutter. In this article, I am going to discuss these mistakes that Flutter beginners do. If you are already doing these mistakes, I hope you are not doing those mistakes anymore during your initial learning phase. I also have made these mistakes while learning Flutter and I’m still learning.

Before you start to learn Flutter and Dart…

In my opinion, It is not the really best approach if you are a beginner. I suggest don’t ignore native development…

Research conducted by Western scientists has confirmed those benefits of meditation

Photo by Hans Vivek on Unsplash

The human’s mind is unstable. And that makes the mind sick. When the mind is sick, every other thing will confuse. Therefore it is important to heal the continuous streams of thoughts in the human mind. Meditation is the training of the mind. We can control our mind, relaxing the mind by practising meditation. If so, this article explains how meditation can cure diseases and how it causes mental wellness. Research is still being done in western countries on the opportunities to cure diseases using Meditation.

How to cure diseases with meditation

Meditation causes to reduce or stop the confusion of the mind. Because of that…

The evolution of the Sinhala language…

Every language has a group of letters, it is unique to that language. This group of letters is called the “alphabet”. The main language of Sri Lankans is called “Sinhalese”. The Sinhala alphabet is not born once. It is a result of formations for thousands of years. Currently, It is identifying as the “Present Sinhala Alphabet”, letter series that is using now. we can learn many facts about the evolution of the Sinhala language If we can learn the history of this letter series. This knowledge is necessary to know the current Sinhala alphabet. But there is no acceptable number…

Flutter Knowledge Sharing #43

In this story, I am going to describe the future, async and await keywords in Flutter/Dart. Concurrency is very important in programming. We are using these statements with network operations and when performing background tasks etc. But every programmer doesn't have proper knowledge about this. Therefore someone is saying this is a bit advanced than other topics. But you will not believe that after reading this article. Let us discuss how to perform asynchronous tasks in Flutter.

Typically every program is running in a single “thread” of execution. When we have to do few tasks simultaneously. It’s not suitable to…

Flutter Knowledge Sharing #42

In this article, we are going to discuss how to run multiple asynchronous tasks at the same time efficiently. I am showing an example using two HTTP requests. When we are running multiple requests at the same time, It basically allows us to get all results more quickly. That’s the main idea you have to take from this article. Concurrency is an advanced topic in programming, not much difficult but more important. I will write more about concurrency in my next articles. You must have a clear idea about these things.

First I will show you…

Flutter Knowledge Sharing #41

Nowadays we can see often using location-based services in our application. Therefore it is compulsory to know this topic in your mobile app development context. up to now, I have discussed 40 topics in Flutter which are common and important topics that every Flutter developer should know. Here I am showing you what is the fastest way to getting the user’s location in Flutter.

First of all, I created a simple Flutter application. Then you need to add the relevant dependencies inside the pubspec.yaml. Geolocator is the best plugin to get the location.


Flutter Knowledge Sharing #40

Flutter Custom Fonts & Google Fonts

We use different font types in our application. How we add a custom font type or google font type to our application?. This article is the answer to that question. Often we need to follow these steps when we use fonts. This is my 40th step in Flutter knowledge sharing journey.

First I will show you how to add Google fonts to our applications. Let’s get started by going to the sit first. There you can see different text style. Also, you can see the variations of different text styles. If you want to see…

Flutter Knowledge Sharing #38

Flutter Dynamic Widgets

Flutter is based on widgets. Up to now, I have discussed 70+ more built-in widgets in Flutter SDK. How they are looking? what are the use cases? with examples and all details. Here I am going to discuss how to build Flutter dynamic widgets. This is a small overview on how you need to deal with the dynamic data in your application.

First, we should know how to build widgets dynamically. Before that, I should explain to you, when we want to create these widgets. When we are fetching data from an API, We don’t know…

Flutter Knowledge Sharing #38

Flutter Null safety is a secure way to developing Flutter apps. Every language has variable types that hold a variable value such as Char, Integer, Float etc. Sometimes the program can’t handle null values. When a variable is equal to a null value, then we are going to perform a function on it, which will give a runtime exception. As an example;

String name = null;
String toLowerCase = name.toLowerCase();

This is caused by a crash of your application and the user experience will not good at the moment. …

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