Flutter Knowledge Sharing #47

Nowadays, Flutter is the most engaging development framework. Whether you are a Flutter developer or not, I know you are with about that sentence. As a Software Engineer, when compared with other technologies, Flutter is playing a significant role. Other than that, The new software development frameworks will not get famous because of the latest technologies emerging more to the field, such as AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, etc. Therefore, software development will no longer be available in the future. However, the software development will be limited by including the Flutter framework. …

Foundation of the AI

Nowadays, AI is a buzzword in the technological world. Before we go deep, we must know about the basics of AI because a solid foundation is essential. AI implements the solutions as to how humans/ animals solve problems. Human beings have the power of thinking and solving problems. Machines can generate evolvable solutions; reducing time and increasing accuracy will be a more improved solution. Also, AI can solve problems using one or more solutions. AI solutions are extensible means solutions are built on existing systems. For example, we can build software solutions using existing basic programs such as Java, MySQL…

Flutter Knowledge Sharing #46

Image: Flutter Share Buttons

Share buttons we often use in our applications. Therefore this topic is essential to know as a Flutter developer. Here you do not need more knowledge because you have used this sharing option in other applications frequently. This article is another step in Flutter’s knowledge-sharing journey. I have discussed 45 topics in Flutter.

You can use the url_launcher package to share the data with other applications. Flutter url_launcher plugin for launching a URL. Supports iOS, Android, web, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Here I implemented three buttons for sharing an URL with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

body: Center(…

Java Knowledge Sharing #7

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Every day, billions of bytes of data are created in this contemporary era of the internet. To obtain access to this massive quantity of data, each user must make a request to the network and wait for a response. Most of us have the supposition that all these online apps are built on web frameworks such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and so on. But did you know that web applications can be built on Java by utilizing a service known as Java Servlets? …

Flutter Knowledge Sharing #45

Flutter Null Safety

This article is another step of my Flutter development journey. Here I will discuss Flutter null safety, a critical topic that came up with Flutter’s new version. Many problems you have with this topic, such as How does it work? How is it used? When can it utilize?. Here I am trying to answer them by getting clear examples. As usual, I will show every step with examples of how we achieve null safety in Flutter.

Your program can become an invalid state at any time. Even when compiled correctly, you are not guaranteed that any object can’t be null…

Android Knowledge Sharing…

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This article will show you how to implement a small android project that utilizes device storage. We are using these functions for different applications with different purposes. At that time this article will help you so much. These functions also work for android’s latest version(Android 11 (API level 30)). In your applications, sometimes you need to download files into the user’s storage, such as images, PDF, etc. After that, you need to read them. In this approach, you can download them into a hidden folder, But hidden files show in the download category in some versions. That will be a…

Flutter + Django + MySQL

Image: Flutter with Django REST API

Welcome to another Flutter knowledge-sharing story. As a Flutter developer, We all know that We should learn about fundamental usages which applying frequently in a mobile application. At that time we have so many solutions for backend REST API. Django is a python framework that we can see as a modern solution. PHP is a bit old but a common selection of developers. Also, I have done tutorials of those PHP API crud operations in Flutter. This is another step to create an API using Python and MySQL. I hope this will be really helpful for start. With this one…

Flutter Knowledge Sharing #44

Image: Flutter is a Declarative Framework

So far, I have discussed 43 Flutter topics. We have learned essential topics such as widgets, state management, and so on. First of all, we should understand Imperative and Declarative programming. Then we should go to intermediate topics, and Before that, I believe you should know what the Flutter declarative is.

Imperative and Declarative Programming

I can tell you that imperative programming shows you how to write code, and declarative programming shows you what you want to get from the code. I will explain an example below.

We have an app that says ‘hello’ in the middle of the screen…

Flutter Knowledge Sharing #43

Image: State Management In Flutter

Flutter is the most engaging development Framework among developers because of so many reasons. In my medium account, I have shared my Flutter knowledge in 40+ articles, and this is another. Flutter applications are built as a widget tree. Widgets are the primary building block in Flutter. It makes your UI more beautiful and easy to implement. State Management is also very important similar to widgets in Flutter. We must have a piece of excellent knowledge in State Management. This article will give you a quick understanding of that.

What is a State?

In our application, I mentioned that it is built with widgets…

The Software Engineer’s Point of View #8

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In this article, I am going to discuss react-native versus Flutter. Let’s find out some comparisons of them. In the end, You can choose what you should learn or which one you want to continue. But it’s on mobile development, and Surprisingly Flutter is a single code-based framework for all platforms. Flutter and React native both are top frameworks for mobile cross-platform development(Android and IOS). Let’s go one by one. Otherwise, you will mess up everything. However, I am trying to be unbiased when comparing these two.

Facebook developed React-native. We can see so many developed apps using react-native such…

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